Civil and commercial law

Business corporation law

  • establishment, changes to and liquidation of business corporations
  • organisation of general meetings and sessions of other bodies
  • increasing and reducing registered capital
  • legal representation during disputes between corporations and members of bodies or members
  • legal representation in the matter of public registers

 Contractual law

  • preparation, execution and legal assessment of contracts (complex contractual administration)
  • legal representation during legal proceedings in matters concerning compensation of damages, unjustified enrichment, protection of personality, neighbourly rights and co-ownership rights
  • legal representation during probate proceedings
  • legal representation during arbitration proceedings
  • recovery of debts during finding and distrainment proceedings
  • legal representation of associations of owners of units

Property law

  • complex legal services during acquisition of real property and disposal of real property (sale, purchase and lease of real property), particularly legal consultancy, preparation of all contractual documentation, storage of the purchase price by a lawyer, legal representation before the Land Registry
  • preparation and execution of contracts for construction
  • legal representation in disputes between co-owners of real property

 Family law

  • complex legal representation during divorce proceedings (e.g. disputed and undisputed divorce of marriage)
  • settlement of the joint property of spouses
  • legal representation in matters concerning guardianship (regulation of care and maintenance of minors)
  • maintenance for minor and adult children, divorced and un-divorced spouses
  • application of claims by unmarried mothers
  • legal representation in matters concerning determination and denial of parenthood

Criminal law

  • professional counsel during criminal proceedings during preliminary hearings and during hearings before a court of law
  • alternative methods of terminating criminal proceedings (plea bargains, conditional termination of criminal prosecution, settlement)
  • counsel for accused persons and defendants on remand
  • counsel for minors during criminal proceedings
  • legal representation of defendants during criminal proceedings
  • counsel for convicted persons (petitions for parole, petitions to expunge convictions, petitions for conditional reduction of a sentence)

Labour law

  • preparation, execution and legal evaluation of employment contracts and agreements for work performed outside an employment relationship
  • legal consultancy in the field of origin of an employment relationship and its termination (particularly notice on employment, immediate termination of employment)
  • preparation, execution and legal evaluation of agreements to indemnify the employer and qualification agreements
  • compensation of damages
  • legal representation in disputes between employers and employees

Administrative law

  • legal representation during administrative proceedings, particularly during hearings of an administrative delict and proceedings before the Land Registry
  • complex legal services for municipalities and towns/cities
  • legal representation during legal administrative proceedings
  • health Law
  • legal services in the field of industrial property rights

Compulsory published information

  • On 05/02/2016 the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic authorised the Czech Bar Association to execute out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes in the field of disputes between lawyers and consumers arising from Contracts to provide legal services (on the basis of Act No. 634/1992 Coll., on consumer protection, as amended). The website of this competent subject is